Monday, February 28, 2011

Tick Tock

This wedding stuff is really coming together. Now that it's getting closer, the need to get things done is kicking in. This weekend we shopped for a tux and landed one at Men's Wearhouse. We decided on gray tuxes for the groomsmen with yellow ties and Andy would wear a black tie. It looked very Brad Pitt--and he especially liked that. I also started working on the centerpieces. This wedding is loads of DIY projects (which I love at the moment and will most likely hate towards the deadline) and the centerpieces were part of that.  I found these awesome circus animals at a craft store but hated the color. I wanted to dirty them up a bit so I bought some bronzing antique spray paint and they turned out great.

I did my little project in the basement and didn't hear the end of it as the smell circulated the house. I didn't mind it so much, probably because I was high from the fumes. But I'm happy with the end result.  I sent this picture to my mom. I frequently have to remind her that this will be a classy, tasteful event. I don't think she believes me. She'll see though, it's all coming together!!


  1. i love it! (but why, on a nice day, did you do it inside?)

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