Monday, September 27, 2010

Flowers, For Me??

This weekend I hit up a wholesale florist with my friend. Originally, my heart was set on having anemones for the entire wedding party. They are classic, sophisticated and timeless. I've wanted that type of flower for as long as I can remember! That dream was destroyed after I discovered September is not the month for them. Thus, costing a whole heck of a lot more! I dried  my eyes and kept it moving. It's too early for bridezilla, right?

So, I really didn't have any backups to the anemones. I went into the florist with an open mind and saw a few things that got my attention. But then I saw them! Dahlias!!! Perfect! They are colorful, fun, unusual---they fit our event splendidly!

Here is a photo my friend snapped at the florist. Aren't they gorgeous :) We also found some cool boutonnieres for the guys called billy balls.

(photo via The Bride's Cafe)

Won't they look just dapper next to a gray tux?

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